Ok to clarify a situation about the laws of recreational fishing in Iceland.

1: No Quota No Fishing end of. You have to buy quota from the Government to fish in Iceland.

2: IPF buys quota each year sufficient to allow anglers going to the camps unlimited fishing.

3: All fish caught has to be weighed in and delivered to the fish factory each day.

4: IPF are paid for the fish caught and just break even each year on the cost of buying quota from the government. A % of fish weighed in each day is spoilt and worthless that is down to the lack of understanding by anglers who don't know how to blood the fish correctly. If this isn't done correctly the flesh is spoilt by the blood see the video link how to do it and how the fish factory works. Any profits made is put back in to adjust holiday costs and give the best deals to anglers.

5: All fish has to be weighed in at the quayside anglers are then entitled to take fish for meals while at the camp and to fillet them or cook whole.

6: The allowance to take home is 20kg of prepared fish and blast frozen fish bags are available to order .

7: There is No C&R other than bait fish this is due to commercial fisherman who would discard a whole catch for more valuable fish and just dump at sea so the rule is for both commercial and recreational.

I hope this now makes it more clear how it works over there. Iceland in fact offers a better deal than Norway as contrary to some beliefs there are quota's in Norway of 20kg allowances to bring home anything over that is considered to be taking for re-selling and carries a fine if the person/s get caught and they are tightening up on this law. They busted a German in 2016 with 752kg of fillet at the border to Sweden! That was His Last Trip forever to Norway! They forbid him to enter the country for lifetime and the fine was round about 12000

Changes amended to Norway laws that came into place 2018 now daily records of fish catches to be submitted.


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